BMW Electric Car Range Set to Soar


BMW Electric Car Range Set to Soar


BMW have done all they can to alleviate concerns over the increasing shift from diesel vehicles to hybrid/electric cars. Often, car buyers are left worrying that the car model they want isn’t going to be offered with a hybrid or electric engine. BMW however have worked tirelessly to bring their fleet up to date. Only this week did BMW make a decision to offer 2,000 Euros to diesel owners to trade in their BMW for an electric version of the car.

With the likes of the Tesla Model 3 now on the roads, BMW has quickly had to adapt their business strategy to provide more focus on electric.Recent murmurings about diesel bans is likely to have got the German automotive giant’s attention so it’s no surprise to see BMW aggressively pushing their own electric car models. Only recently it was reported that BMW have spent some $6 billion on electric car research and development in order to make sure they stay ahead of the curve. It is without doubt safe to say that we can expect to see many more BMW electric cars on our roads very soon.

What does BMW’s electric car fleet look like?

BMW i3

Undoubtedly the most common of the three, the i3 is a fully electric compact vehicle that boasts a 125 mile range on a single charge. Not wanting to put consumers who don’t like the idea of “electric-only”off, BMW cleverly offers a BMW i3 range extender which essentially converts the car into a hybrid model that increases the range to 194miles using a small petrol engine. The i3 generates zero emissions and even claims to be an “odourless”car meaning that there is very little coming out of this vehicle that is bad for you and the planet. Though diminutive looking, the i3offers an impressive 7.3 seconds to do 0-62mph and makes for a great urban driving car.

BMW i5

Believe it or not, but the i5 is just a scrapped plan. Originally, the i5 generated a huge amount of excitement as it allowed car buyers for a model that wasn’t as small as the i3 but not as sporty (or expensive) as the i8. However, as of May 2017, BMW have changed direction, with instead a focus on electrifying their traditional model series like the X3 or 4 Series.

BMW i8

At £108,000 the i8 is without doubt, revolutionary, and so it should for the price. The car is widely agreed to be worth every penny and provides the consumption and emissions of a compact car with the unbelievable performance of a high end sports car. The i8 might only do 37km on electric battery but with a top speed of 250kmh and 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds, it defies every stereotype of electric cars.The design is elegant, the performance is unrivalled and the technology is cutting edge.

Using theWallbox Pure system, the i8 can be charged in less than two hours and means it can be charged at home easily. The i8 is able to be so economical and so fast down to the use of carbon fibre composite –some 50% lighter than steel and 30% lighter than aluminium. It is without doubt, one of the most attractive, fun to drive and technologically advanced cars currently on the road.

BMW 3 Series Electric

At the moment, the 3 series is no more than an announcement in the car industry press. BMW recently revealed they expect to display their all-electric 3 Series later this year in an obvious move to compete against the launch of Tesla’s Model 3. Boasting a rumoured 248 mile range and a zero CO2 emissions output, the 3 Series promises to be one of BMW’s most exciting creations.